RIDE TECH SHOCK SERVICE for ACT, Fox, Ryde FX, HPG, and Walker Evans Shocks.

ALL shocks need regular service to give top performance and our 40 plus years of combined shock experience guarantee quality work. Regular service gives consistent handling, extends shock life, prevents suspension wear, and soaks up the trail for a smooth, enjoyable ride.

Basic Service Includes:Complete drain and flush of shock – Internals inspected for damage or wear – Re-assemble to OEM specifications – Custom synthetic oil – Nitrogen charge – Parts and replacement is extra with only worn parts replaced – Seals are not replaced unless leaking, shaft needs replacement, or we need to remove seal head. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  • Standard Shock: $40    
  • Reservoir, Clicker, Air, or PPS: $48  
  • Air with remote reservoir: $55   
  • Seal/shaft replacement or re-valve: $20   

Recommended Shock Service Intervals: ALL shocks are plagued by sludge from condensation, moisture seeping by the seals, contamination from internal friction, and oil breakdown.An initial oil change is the most important to flush out the break-in oil and metal shavings. By the time a sled has 3,000-4,000 miles (aggressive riders will have this problem sooner) the oil is contaminated with over 25% water.

Initial or first time service: 500-1,000 miles flushes break-in sludge and particles, then follow regular schedule.

Groomed Trail: every other year or 2,000-3,000 miles.

Aggressive Trail: yearly or 1,000-2,00 miles.

Racing: 2-4 times per season (depending upon type of competition and rider level).

Know It All Rider: Never, he thinks shock oil never needs changing on any shocks and goes forever. Either hard headed or just plain dumb?

NOTE: When sending in your shocks take out all bolts/nuts/collars. We are NOT responsible for any collars left in eyelets that fall out during shipping or service. 

 Please include Ride Tech Shock Service Form when sending your shocks. This form can be downloaded below.


RIDE TECH Suspension Stage Kits

Kits include shock service, re-valving, and parts for a complete suspension package! Stage kits match suspension to rider’s weight and style. A kit includes 4 shock service, valving, and components for a complete set-up. Your shocks + our shock mods + parts = less harshness and more control. NOTE: We will upgrade only the front or rear if requested.

With all the models, years, and types of riders it is impossible to list an exact price. We are now listing a price range that starts with standard shocks/minimal parts and works up to the higher tech shocks or the addition of more parts. Contact us if you would like a more accurate price and we will do our best but many times we can’t quote exact until the shocks are in our hands due to manufacturers running changes on some models. Set-up instructions and suspension tips are included.

RIDE Tech Stage 2: Our most popular and recommended trail set-up gives better overall handling from front to rear. Includes basic shock service with valving mods to all 4 shocks and required components (springs, coupler, shafts, or blocks). More progressive shock action improves front end control with sharper cornering, and less ski lift. The rear suspension is smoother in the stutters, eliminates the harshness of the washboard, and still resists bottoming in the big hits. $420-$480

Some popular Stage 2 Kits:

13-16 Cat RR (Evol X ski shocks) come with valving WAY TOO stiff for any type of trail riding. We race these sleds cross country and they need some serious re-valving to make them into a competitive handling sled. The stiff valving doesn’t allow the sled to follow corners and it bounces off holes/humps instead of soaking them up. We go to our cross country set-up to get better high speed corner carving and then track straight in the big whoops at speed. Makes this sled into a top trail runner. 

12-13 SP Cat Pro Cross are harsh overall. They can take big hits fairly well but at normal trail speeds they are rough with more time spent off the seat than on it. Normal trail chop from 4″ to 12″ will have your butt getting kicked off the seat and will beat you down on a long day. Some serious internal modifications and a new center spring keeps the rear end hooking up and saves your body. A set of Air Cans on the Float 2’s up front lets the skiis follow the terrain instead of bouncing through the corners. A better ride and improved handling make this a “MUST DO” package. 

14-16 Cat Pro Cross/Yamaha Viper (129″-137″ with Float 3 ski shocks) are too firm and chatter in the washboard, rear end is harsh and way too stiff in stutter bumps. This Stage Kit fixes these problems with better steering, less chatter through the handlebars, better hookup out of corners, and easier on the body in those chopped up trails on the way home. Good fix for these sleds.  

10-14 Cat XF/Yamaha Viper (137″/141″ Float front and rear) exhibit same harshness as the 128″/129″ models. Softer low speed valving allows the ski to follow the stutters not chatter, take the harshness out of rear Float in washboard, and a new center spring with valving makes this a great package to tame the chopped up trails. 

10-16 Rush/Axys-GT (121″/136″) This setup is for groomed trail riders or those who are lightweights. These sleds have the normal push of a Polaris when cornering and get more progressive ski shock valving. Stock rear of Rush is harsh at low speeds and ok at higher speeds while the Axys is the opposite. Valving changes make the rear end of both respond better to stutters and groomed trail conditions. 

10-16 Rush/Axys-RT (121″/136″) This kit is for rough trail or more aggressive riders. The front is stiffened up a bit and gets more progressive valving to better handle high speed running. The rear gets progressive valving to handle the stutter bumps yet not bottom and track straighter when hitting the deep holes at speed. This is recommended for most aggressive riders who want to dominate the ditches/trails. 

13-16 Ski-doo TNT(R-motion) is too soft all the way around for aggressive trail riding. Front and center transmit harsh bottoming to arms and feet while the rear end bottoms less harshly but it still can’t take the big hits at speed. This set-up improves overall handling with high speed tracking, anti-bottoming, and still gives a great ride at slower trail speeds. 



Our Sno Pro 500’s rode terrific. We put on over 200 miles and I was now in control going over bumps as the sled would continue straight vs bouncing left and right. My wife noticed the same thing and she definitely looked more in control vs vertically bouncing off the seat with every bump. Thanks again and also for the phone tech support which was totally unrelated to the suspension kit. You will make me a small engine mechanic yet. Jeremy & Nicole E.

Thanks for the great shock work! The Stage 2 kit on my 2013 Sno Pro 1100 is just the ticket for a great ride. Did not do anything but install shocks as you specified. I have more than 1500 miles on the sled now, just a great trail setup. Allan S.

The Ride Tech 2 package for my Rush 800 was outstanding for all around handling and in hardcore whoops it had excellent and predictable handling. Forget buying performance mods for the engine, if the sled handles correctly you will pass all your buds and stay ahead of them with the Ride Tech package. Jamie H.