Talon 35: 151x15x1.38"

Price: $535.00
  • Item #: T35-138-5152
  • Manufacturer: Composit International
  • Condition: New
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Talon 35: 151x15x1.38" track with 2.52" pitch is a great cross-over track. Using advanced production techniques, the Talon 35 is a light weight in the 2 ply track segment and its 1 3/8” lug height is groomed trail friendly. The unique design features pliable, wide spaced center lugs that give superior traction in off-trail riding conditions; while the re-enforced saw-tooth outer lugs give aggressive acceleration on hard, snow packed groomed trails.

Fully clipped with all open windows eliminates friction and extends hyfax life. Two ply German cord/fabric construction gives excellent wear and reliable stud installation. A 2 year limited warranty against factory defects. The unique blend of synthetic and natural compounds give the track exceptional wear on frozen surfaces, eliminates thermal heat breakdown for reliable high speed running, and allows extreme cold temp flexibility for low rolling resistance with quick acceleration. Improved handling and traction with superior top end makes the Talon 35 a new generation of deeper lug trail tracks with off trail capability.